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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Republican Debaters Selected

It's official--Fox News has announced the ten candidates for tomorrow night's debate. For readers of this blog, the outcome is no surprise. I've been predicting the same ten candidates for over ten days. They are, in order of polling averages:

1. Donald Trump--23.4
2. Jeb Bush--12.0
3. Scott Walker--10.2
4. Mike Huckabee (who gets the coveted #4 podium position)--6.6
5. Ben Carson--5.8
6. Ted Cruz--5.4
7. Marco Rubio--5.4
8. Rand Paul--4.8
9. Chris Christie--3.4
10. John Kasich--3.2

That should translate to the following podium spots:

The big surprise, other than Walker's beret and ties that start at the sternum, is that Senate heavyweights Rubio and Paul will be so marginalized. More on that in tomorrow's official Presidential Politics for America debate preview.

Four hours before this primetime debate will be the 5:00 forum  (2:00 Pacific time... ouch!) for those who did not qualify. Invited to that are:

1. Rick Perry--1.8
2. Rick Santorum--1.4
3. Bobby Jindal--1.4
4. Carly Fiorina--1.3
6. George Pataki--0.6
7. Jim Gilmore--0.2

I considered depicting them moping around with frowny faces, but A) The structure of this "forum" is unclear, and B) That first piece of "art" took a lot longer than one would expect.

See you tomorrow for the debate preview!

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