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Friday, August 14, 2015

Democratic Ranking Starts Tomorrow!

The most common question I get asked by both my readers is, "When will you do a ranking for the Democratic candidates like the one you did for the Republicans in July?" As I said on the first of the month, my intention was to first see the Republicans through the fallout of their Fox News debate. I've now spent four post-debate entries talking about the Republican leaders, and then yesterday I even addressed the rest of the Republican field. With that behind us, we can move on to the Democrats, starting tomorrow. They've become especially topical with the latest poll out of New Hampshire that shows Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton for the first time.

Just like with the GOP, I will reveal a candidate every other day. Since there are only five candidates, this list will be completed before you know it; its final post is projected for next Sunday the 23rd.

Notes about the ranking:

Vice-President Joe Biden, unless he declares between now and the end of the list, will not be included on it. If I were to include all potential Democrats that have a better shot than tomorrow's last place candidate, I'd have to create entries for Elizabeth Warren, Mark Warner, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (since a Constitutional amendment repealing the Twenty-second is more likely than #5 getting nominated), John Kerry, Brian Schweizter, the corpse of FDR, and John Edwards. I'd rather not. So, if he declares afterward, I'll draw up a profile on him and share it, retroactively shuffling the rankings.

Each candidate will be broken down across categories similar to those of the Republican ranking. They are:

Campaign Website and Slogan--Straight from the horse's mouth

PPFA Slogan--Straight from my mouth

Educational Background--This category is new. I was too far into the last ranking when a reader asked about it, so I just put up a list of all the Republicans and their colleges in one post. With the Democratic ranking, I can go one by one. ideology on left-right political spectrum: -10 is for extremely liberal and +10 is for extremely conservative. A center moderate is 0. Numbers are earned from When necessary, this number can be unpacked into social, economic, individual liberties, and foreign policy subsets.

Conservative Rank: Each candidate will be ranked "X of 5" in order of most to least liberal based on the above statistic.

Spin from the candidate's campaign--How the candidate is selling him or herself.

Spin from opponents--What opponents might say about the candidate.

Polling data--What do the polls say?

PPFA analysis--How I like their chances.

PPFA nomination rank (with odds)--Each candidate will be ranked "X of 5" in order of most to least likely nominee.

PPFA general election rank--Each candidate will be ranked "X of 5" in order of chances to win the general assuming they win the nomination.

See you tomorrow for the start of the countdown!

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