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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Jim Webb Is In

We now have a fifth candidate in the relatively small Democratic field. Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb, long rumored to run, is officially running for president. He's the final candidate we were rather certain would run. The only other potential candidate is Vice-President Biden, though Hillary Clinton's entry has likely kept him out of finishing his political career with a blowout loss.

Webb would have been an extremely viable candidate were Clinton not running, but, unfortunately for him, she is, and she's raising enormous amounts of money while polling absolutely dominant numbers. His biggest impact is marginalizing Martin O'Malley as the Clinton alternative. (Sanders's dominance of the far left is as safe as it will be fruitless.)

I'll take a closer look at each of the candidates next August when I do my "Candidate Profiles" for the Democrats. For this month, however, my series on the gargantuan Republican field continues tomorrow with #15. Who will follow poor George Pataki and be the next least likely Republican to win the nomination? Tomorrow you'll find out.

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