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Friday, July 10, 2015

Jim Gilmore Inconveniently Declares Candidacy

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore is declaring for the Republican nomination early next month, and this column from the National Review pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter. Not only is it an annoying, purposeless late entry, I've already started my countdown series on the SIXTEEN Republican candidates!  Sixteen, not seventeen! Look, evidence:

Tier 4--They know they can't win
Number 16
Number 15
Number 14

Tier 3--We know they can't win
Number 13
Number 12
Number 11 is coming out tomorrow.

It was working out fine. Sixteen candidates, every other day for the month of July. Number 16 on July 1, Number 1 on July 31. It was neat. It was elegant. I'd be done by August. Now a former Virginia governor who no one cares about decides he wants some attention? What am I supposed to do--go back and re-do these numbers? Not happening. Not for Jim Gilmore. Let's just call him #15.5 (sorry, George Pataki) and be done with it.

Sigh. This was supposed to be my day off.

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