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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Candidate Profiles Intro

This July at Presidential Politics for America, I'm going to give each of the 16 major Republican candidates for president their very own post. Thus, even after 15 of them fail at winning the nomination and one more falls to the machine that is Democratic electoral politics, they can at least look back and remember they had their one day in the lukewarm PPFA sun.

Here's how this will work. I hope to add to the series every other day throughout the month, starting with later today. If I did my math correctly, which is never a sure thing considering my sidebar odds care little for arithmetic, that means I should be able to fit in all 16 candidates by the end of the month. I will go in reverse order of likelihood to get the nomination, or, if you prefer, in regular order of likelihood to make Cersei Lannister's walk of "shame shame shame" off the national stage. On July 31, therefore, you'll have my favorite for the Republican nomination.

Each candidate will be broken down across similar categories. For example:

Campaign Website and Slogan--Straight from the horse's mouth

PPFA Slogan--Straight from my mouth ideology on left-right political spectrum: -10 is for extremely liberal and +10 is for extremely conservative. A center moderate is 0. Numbers are earned from

Conservative Rank: Each candidate will be ranked "X of 16" in order of most to least conservative based on the above statistic. When necessary, this number can be unpacked into social, economic, individual liberties, and foreign policy subsets.

Polling data--What do the polls say?

Spin from the candidate's campaign--How the candidate will sell him or herself.

Spin from opponents--What opponents, including Republicans and Democrats, might say about the candidate.

PPFA analysis--How I like their chances.

PPFA nomination rank (with odds)--Each candidate will be ranked "X of 16" in order of most to least likely to be the nominee.

PPFA general election rank--Each candidate will be ranked "X of 16" in order of chances to win the general assuming they win the nomination.

See you later today with #16!

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