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Friday, April 17, 2015

Scott Walker: Spoiler

We knew he looks good in Iowa. We knew he looks good in New Hampshire. But now Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is even playing in South Carolina, where he leads, albeit by within the margin of error, Jeb Bush. The rest of the field settled for single digits. Has he come to spoil the anointment of another Bush nomination?

As of now, no one is in better position. While Governor Bush maintains a slim national lead over a crowded field and is assumed to be the most potent fundraiser of the pack, a candidate that clicks in the barometer states can certainly start earning his fair share of donations. There will be a sizable sect of the GOP that does not want to renew the Bush Dynasty, especially if, as I said Sunday, they want to play the dynasty card against eventual nominee Hillary Clinton. To whom will these Republicans turn?

Not Rand Paul, whose foreign policy scares off the hawks.
Not Ted Cruz, who, if not too conservative for even the Republican Party will be considered too conservative for the general.
Not Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum, who have shown that even winning Iowa is not enough to take the evangelical darling to the dance.
Not Marco Rubio, who does not have the executive experience valued by Republican voters, as seen with every Republican president since Herbert Hoover (and we know how well that turned out).
Chris Christie?  Maybe.  I would have once said "probably."  More on him some other time.  I think he can catch fire, but first he needs to catch his breath.

So how about the guy that leads in the first three states of the primary season who is a tried and true conservative and executive?  It makes sense. I've moved him into a tie, behind Bush, with Christie at 5:1 for the nomination.

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