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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Super Tuesday Update

Here's where we stand:
Romney wins: Virginia, Vermont, Massachusetts
Santorum wins: Tennessee, Oklahoma
Gingrich wins: Georgia
Unknown: OHIO, North Dakota, Idaho, Alaska

We can expect Romney to win Idaho. That puts him at four states with three remaining. Can the other candidates run the table and deny Romney a fifth state? Such an effort would mean that Romney loses more states (six) than he wins today (four). What a development that would be.

Speaking of developments, despite promising Ohio exit polls for Romney, Rick Santorum holds a 39% to 36% lead with 27% of precincts reporting, or a 7,500 vote lead.

Then we turn to North Dakota and Alaska. Can Santorum and Ron Paul stop Romney from getting that fifth win in those two caucuses? If so... talk about the dominant headline tomorrow!

Stay tuned.

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