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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Super Tuesday: The Spin

Romney ended up winning Alaska last night. We're still waiting for the official delegate split, but until then, here's the obvious spin from the candidates.

From the Romney camp:
There were ten contests. Romney won a majority (six).
There were seven primaries. Romney won a majority (four).
There were three caucuses. Romney won a majority (two).
Romney won the big prize--Ohio.
Romney probably won the night's delegate count.
Romney will have about as many delegates than all his competitors combined.
No one can catch him.

From all others:
Romney outspent the field and still lost 40 percent of contests.
Romney outspent Santorum in Oklahoma and Tennessee multiple times over and still lost the states.
Likewise, Romney "failed to attract conservative support."
Romney lost three of the biggest five states.
Romney has not emerged much stronger after Super Tuesday. In other words, he hasn't significantly increased his percentage of the share of delegates, thus slowing his quest for 1,144 by the end of the primary season.
Romney ever so barely won Ohio, despite decimating Santorum in advertising.

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