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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Republican Delegates, 3/11

(Note: If you came here via a google search, or even if you didn't, these standings are outdated. Click here for the latest standings and coverage.)

With Mitt Romney adding the US Virgin Islands to his other US territory wins of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, Romney kept pace with Rick Santorum's delegate count from his Kansas win. On the day, Romney cleared 32 delegates (7 from Kansas, 9 each from Guam and the NMI, and 7 from the USVI) while Santorum's big win in Kansas earned him 33 of Kansas's 40. Santorum earned zero from the territories. Ron Paul earned one from the US Virgin Islands.) Therefore, like I said here yesterday, despite the Kansas win reinforcing Santorum's claim that Romney is out of touch with mainstream Republicans, Romney maintains his stranglehold on the GOP Primary's delegate count.

Speaking of the delegate allocations, here's the latest. Don't forget to check in on Sunday to see my take on the chances of Romney's opponents to force a convention.

Republican Delegate Counts
CNN Standings
1. Romney--458
2. Santorum--203
3. Gingrich--118

4. Paul--66

Real Clear Politics Standings
1. Romney--455
2. Santorum--199
4. Gingrich--117

3. Paul--64

Official (not counting unbound delegates)
1. Romney--393
2. Santorum--133
3. Gingrich--110
4. Paul--24

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