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Monday, March 19, 2012

Republican Primary Calendar

Updated 2012 GOP Primary schedule. Back tomorrow with a look at the Illinois Primary.

January 3: Iowa (caucus) -- SANTORUM
January 10: New Hampshire (primary) -- ROMNEY
January 21: South Carolina (primary) -- GINGRICH
January 31: Florida (primary) -- ROMNEY
February 4: Nevada (caucus) -- ROMNEY
February 11: Maine (caucus) --ROMNEY
February 7: Colorado (caucus), Minnesota (caucus), Missouri (primary) -- SANTORUM SWEEP
February 28: Arizona (primary), Michigan (primary), Wyoming Caucus--ROMNEY SWEEP
March 3: Washington(caucus)--ROMNEY
March 6: (Super Tuesday)
Alaska (caucus)--ROMNEY
Georgia (primary)--GINGRICH
Idaho (caucus)--ROMNEY
Massachusetts (primary)--ROMNEY
North Dakota (caucus)--SANTORUM
Ohio (primary)--ROMNEY
Oklahoma (primary)--SANTORUM
Tennessee (primary)--SANTORUM
Vermont (primary)--ROMNEY
Virginia (primary)--ROMNEY
March 10:
Kansas (caucus)--SANTORUM
Guam (caucus)--ROMNEY
Northern Mariana Islands (caucus)--ROMNEY
US Virgin Islands (caucus)--ROMNEY
March 13:
Alabama (primary)--SANTORUM
Mississippi (primary)--SANTORUM
American Samoa (caucus)--ROMNEY
Hawaii (caucus)--ROMNEY
March 18: Puerto Rico (Caucus)--ROMNEY
March 20: Illinois (primary)--69 (The beginning of the end?)
March 24: Louisiana (primary)--46 (proportional, southern)
April 3:
Wisconsin (primary)--42 (Winner Take All (kind of))
Maryland (primary)--37 (Winner Take All (kind of))
Washington DC (primary)--19 (Winner Take All (truly))
=98 on April 3
April 21: Missouri (caucus)--52 (actually counts this time)
April 24:
New York (primary)--95 (proportional)
Pennsylvania (primary)--72 (proportional)
Connecticut (primary)--28 (typically awkward)
Rhode Island (primary)--19 (proportional)
Delaware (primary)--17 (Winner Take All)
=231 delegates
May 8: North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia (132 southern-like delegates)
May 15: Nebraska, Oregon (63 delegates)
May 22: Kentucky, Arkansas (91 delegates--southern)
May 29: Texas (proportional primary--155 delegates, southern)
June 5: California (172… the biggest prize), New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico (279 June 5 delegates—single largest day remaining, and you have to like Romney in the two biggest)
June 26: Utah (40 delegates)

Total remaining (non-super) delegates: 1,256

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Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here thinking that anybody who survives the pressures and inanity of all these primaries deserves to be president. But then I think, no, none of these Republicans deserves to be president. But they all deserve a chance to fun for president. So the next thing I know, I'm thinking that all three should run. The Republican party should simply put up three candidates. Or four. Or twelve, I don't care. But it would have to be done in an agreement that the Democrats put up just as many candidates. Except of course then each party would put up a bunch of weak candidates and one strong. Which would seem to be what the Republicans are doing, except they forgot the strong one. Just as the Democrats forgot the weak ones. But anyway: What we need are three Democratic parties and three Republican parties. Then each will put up the strongest candidate they can find. And we'll have to have six (or eight or twenty-four) primaries in each state! We won't need the rest of the entertainment industry. We won't need circuses or reality shows.. The Super PACs will be throwing then everything will slowly become the way the Republicans want it, like it was back before TV. I'm thinking Great Depression and a world war.

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