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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Importance of North Dakota... Really?

With 78 percent of North Dakota precincts reporting, Rick Santorum has won the North Dakota Caucus. He currently has 40 percent of the vote, while Paul sits in second at 27 and Romney third at 25.

Therefore, Rick Santorum has won a third state before Ohio is called. We have three a piece for Romney and Santorum.

Romney should win Idaho for a fourth win. Santorum is clinging onto his Ohio lead, one that peaked around 16,000 votes but is now down to 11,000 with, as CNN reports, mostly Romney votes to still come in. They're at 64 percent of precincts.

Eyes might soon turn to ALASKA as the tie-breaker. It would only be too appropriate if it's won by Ron Paul.

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