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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Importance of Alaska... Really!

The numbers are pointing toward a Mitt Romney win in Ohio. Along with the imminent Idaho call, that makes five wins for Romney on Super Tuesday. Santorum won three and Gingrich one. Another way to look at this:
Romney: 5 states
Nonmeys: 4 states.

And there's one state left. Alaska. Will Mitt Romney be denied a majority of Super Tuesday's states? It won't make a huge deal in terms of delegates, but it will be significant in terms of spin. The best part is that coming to the rescue of Santorum and Gingrich could be Ron Paul, who has as a decent chance to win his first state up there, but more importantly, deny Romney a majority of Super Tuesday contests.

Tomorrow, we'll take at look at how Alaska went down, along with other developments. Until then,


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