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Friday, March 02, 2012

GOP Primary Standings, 3/2

(Note: If you came here via a google search, or even if you didn't, these standings are outdated. Click here for the latest standings and coverage.)

Less than a day after we thought Rick Santorum earned a 15-15 split of Michigan's 30 delegates, word now comes from the Michigan GOP that Romney earned both state-wide, popular vote delegates, rather than just one. The decision cites a party rule adopted on February 4 that said the winner of the state's popular vote would get the last two delegates after the other 28 were determined by the 14 congressional districts. The confusion lies in the fact that a February 7 memo to the campaigns specifically stated that the two delegates would be allocated proportionally. The party now says, however, that the memo was inaccurate.

While one delegate won't mean anything in the race to 1,144, Santorum's claims that he matched Romney in his own state will lose some of its luster. I do think he won the news cycle on it already, though, so it's not a huge deal. Regardless, here are the latest projected delegate allocations, including this week's contests: Arizona, Michigan, and the caucus no one knew about--Wyoming. Check back later and throughout the weekend for some analysis heading into Super Tuesday.

CNN Standings
1. Romney--182
2. Santorum--79
3. Gingrich--39
4. Paul--38

Real Clear Politics Standings
1. Romney--154
2. Santorum--69
3. Gingrich--33
4. Paul--26

Wikipedia Standings
1. Romney--180
2. Santorum--67
3. Gingrich--46
4. Paul--46

Official (not counting unbound delegates)
1. Romney--135
2. Gingrich--32
3. Santorum--19
4. Paul--9

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