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Sunday, March 25, 2012

GOP Primary Calendar

Updated 2012 GOP Primary schedule. Back tomorrow with a look at the Illinois Primary.

January 3: Iowa (caucus) -- SANTORUM
January 10: New Hampshire (primary) -- ROMNEY
January 21: South Carolina (primary) -- GINGRICH
January 31: Florida (primary) -- ROMNEY
February 4: Nevada (caucus) -- ROMNEY
February 11: Maine (caucus) --ROMNEY
February 7: Colorado (caucus), Minnesota (caucus), Missouri (primary)--SANTORUM SWEEP
February 28: Arizona (primary), Michigan (primary), Wyoming Caucus--ROMNEY SWEEP
March 3: Washington (caucus)--ROMNEY
March 6: (Super Tuesday)
Alaska (caucus)--ROMNEY
Georgia (primary)--GINGRICH
Idaho (caucus)--ROMNEY
Massachusetts (primary)--ROMNEY
North Dakota (caucus)--SANTORUM
Ohio (primary)--ROMNEY
Oklahoma (primary)--SANTORUM
Tennessee (primary)--SANTORUM
Vermont (primary)--ROMNEY
Virginia (primary)--ROMNEY
March 10:
Kansas (caucus)--SANTORUM
Guam (caucus)--ROMNEY
Northern Mariana Islands (caucus)--ROMNEY
US Virgin Islands (caucus)--ROMNEY
March 13:
Alabama (primary)--SANTORUM
Mississippi (primary)--SANTORUM
American Samoa (caucus)--ROMNEY
Hawaii (caucus)--ROMNEY
March 18: Puerto Rico (Caucus)--ROMNEY
March 20: Illinois (primary)--ROMNEY
March 24: Louisiana (primary)--SANTORUM
April 3:
Wisconsin (primary)--42 (Winner Take All (kind of))
Maryland (primary)--37 (Winner Take All (kind of))
Washington DC (primary)--19 (Winner Take All (truly))
=98 on April 3
April 21: Missouri (caucus)--52 (actually counts this time)
April 24:
New York (primary)--95 (proportional)
Pennsylvania (primary)--72 (proportional)
Connecticut (primary)--28 (typically awkward)
Rhode Island (primary)--19 (proportional)
Delaware (primary)--17 (Winner Take All)
=231 delegates
May 8: North Carolina, Indiana, West Virginia (132 southern-like delegates)
May 15: Nebraska, Oregon (63 delegates)
May 22: Kentucky, Arkansas (91 delegates--southern)
May 29: Texas (proportional primary--155 delegates, southern)
June 5: California (172… the biggest prize), New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico (279 June 5 delegates—single largest day remaining, and you have to like Romney in the two biggest)
June 26: Utah (40 delegates)

Total remaining (non-super) delegates (including those not yet allocated in Illinois in Louisiana): 1,182

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