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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Republican Delegate Count, 2/29

(Note: If you came here via a google search, or even if you didn't, these standings are outdated. Click here for the latest standings and coverage.)

Here are the latest GOP Primary Standings with all of Arizona and most of Michigan factored in. These Michigan numbers will change today and I'll have a new update and analyses later in the week.

CNN Standings Michigan still has eight more districts to officially award, according to CNN, and each are worth two delegates. Romney is expected to win three of the remaining districts, Santorum another three, and one more is far too close to call but leaning Santorum.
1. Romney--165 (includes his Arizona 29 and 9 from Michigan, with 6 to 8 more coming.
2. Santorum--44 (includes 7 from Michigan, with 6 to 8 more coming.)

3. Gingrich--38
4. Paul--27

Real Clear Politics Standings RCP has called all but one district in Michigan. They haven't doled out either of the state-wide popular vote delegates yet. Thus, 26 Michigan delegates are allocated, four remain. Santorum is slightly leading in the one district yet to be official, and the two candidates are expected to split the remaining two at state-wide delegates.
1. Romney--142 (includes his Arizona 29 and 14 from Michigan, with 1-3 remaining)
2. Santorum--59 (includes 12 from Michigan, with 1-3 remaining)
3. Gingrich--32
4. Paul--20

Wikipedia Standings (has yet to award Michigan delegates)
1. Romney--154 (includes Arizona)
2. Gingrich--45
3. Santorum--45
4. Paul--40

Official (not counting unbound delegates or Michigan)
1. Romney--120 (includes Arizona)
2. Gingrich--32
3. Paul--9
4. Santorum--4

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