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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Boston Globe Endorses Huntsman

The Boston Globe has endorsed Jon Huntsman in the 2012 Republican Primary.

It's an interesting move to endorse the last place candidate, though not unsurprising that a moderate to liberal newspaper endorsed the most moderate candidate in the race. It probably shows how the Globe and the Republican field aren't too cozy. Huntsman might benefit with a few percentage points in New Hampshire and place in the top 3--the bare minimum to continue his campaign, if not top 2--but I'm not sure it'll translate to anything down the road. A Massachusetts newspaper endorsing the most moderate candidate in the race is not exactly what Republican voters are looking for.

Most fascinating about this move has to be that the Boston newspaper didn't endorse their own former Governor, Mitt Romney. Romney's enemies will surely use this point against him, but unlike Huntsman, who's desperate for any kind of attention, I'm not sure a Globe endorsement is what Romney wants these days. I'm, frankly, surprised he accepted John McCain's endorsement so early. Isn't Romney trying to shed his moderate image? John McCain isn't exactly a darling of the conservative base.

A couple of head scratchers before a fascinating weekend of primary politics. A preview of New Hampshire Weekend coming tomorrow.

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