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Monday, September 08, 2008

PPFA Update

Well, the blog is still blocked at work, so I can't write and post in the morning. Moreover, I'm extremely busy with teaching a new course and taking classes. Not to worry, I have a plan.

I hope to return to blogging by Monday the 15th, though only with weekly or bi-weekly posts until the end of October, when I'll return to daily as we count down the last few days until the election.

See you then.


Anonymous said...

You could always email your posts to a friend, and then have him/her post it to the blog on your behalf.

IC said...

I have no friends.

The Dude said...


Anonymous said...

You have no friends!?!? Sorry to say this but ... you are a liar ;)
Did study hall duty last year mean nothing to you ;)

Anonymous said...

Come back!

Anonymous said...

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anyhow thanks for the good read!

Carl said...

IC, will you be back for the 2012?

Anonymous said...

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