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Monday, August 25, 2008

Previewing a Busy Week in Presidential Politics

Ten weeks out.
Democrats fresh off a VP pick.
Republicans less than a week from theirs.
Democratic Convention for four days.
GOP Convention build up.

It's starting to get pretty real.

Dems' VP Update: It's Joe Biden. Early stories about the Biden selection will revolve around two factors, both of which I addressed on Saturday, and both negative for the party. The first, which has already occurred, is the reminder that Biden had some now infamous choice words about an Obama Administration being inexperienced and unready. These comments will eventually disappear into the static noise of Campaign '08.

Secondly, and this will happen soon, the choice will be spun by Republicans as an example of Obama not feeling ready for the task and running away from his "outsider" approach to his primary campaign. "See? He's not ready. He needs Biden. And whatever happened to 'change', anyway?"

This, too, will dissipate. What the Democrats are, and should be, most concerned about is not the short- and intermediate-term effect, but the long-term effect. How will people feel about Biden on November 4? Literally. November 4th. Not the week before, not the day before. What will the undecided voter, the one who likes what Barack Obama has to say but thinks we might just be a bit safer with McCain in office, think about when they're in line to vote?

The undecided voter will be comforted that the experience of Joe Biden is on the Democratic ticket. That's why Obama & Co. took Biden and that will be the ultimate story on the Dems' VP pick in 2008.

GOP VP Update: It's Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney, which, remarkably, I've consistently said since February. More on the GOP VP race as the week progresses.

Democratic Convention update: Today's Democratic Convention schedule (from

Barack Obama’s story is an American story that reflects a life of struggle, opportunity and responsibility like those faced by Americans everyday. The opening night of the Convention will highlight Barack’s life story, his commitment to change, and the voices of Americans who are calling for a new direction for this country.

Monday’s headline prime-time speaker will be Michelle Obama.
Other Monday night speakers include: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri; Barack Obama’s sister Maya Soetero-Ng and Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s older brother; Jerry Kellman, mentor and long-time friend of Barack Obama; Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.; former Indiana Representative Lee Hamilton; Tom Balanoff, President of Illinois SEIU; Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America; NEA President Reg Weaver; AFT President Randi Weingarten; Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan; State Comptroller Dan Hynes; Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulis; Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle; and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.
Monday night will also feature a tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Republican Convention update: Too soon to say too much, but a recent interesting story about the GOP Convention is that former Democrat Joe Lieberman will be speaking at the Republican Convention on its opening night (a week from today). Does this mean Lieberman is being considered, as many speculate, for McCain's #2 position? Don't count on it. Imagine Lieberman in the VP debate, going against the Republicans (and agreeing with Biden!) on nearly every social, financial, and domestic issue?

McCain has worked too hard to win conservatives over the last few months. He finally caught Obama with near virtual ties in most polls. Is he really going to roll the dice and pick a social liberal as his VP? Not a chance. Both parties can relax. Joe Lieberman will never be on a national ballot ever again.

Now if only, Connecticut Democrats wish, he would stay off the Connecticut ballot...

Check back for updates on these four developments tomorrow and throughout the week!


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