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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Democrats' VP Possibilities: The Final Four

On Monday, I used the Democratic Convention speaker schedule to eliminate all but three scheduled speakers (Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson) from VP contention. I then added one unscheduled speaker (Wesley Clark) to the list to come up with the final four VP candidates for the Democratic ticket.

So which of the Final Four will it be? As the speculation continues with the convention a week away, here's a quick look at the pros and cons of each:

Senator Evan Bayh (Indiana)
Pros: Centrist enough for moderate Republicans; Is popular among remaining disenfranchised Clinton supporters; Is a Democrat in a largely Republican state; Serves on Armed Services Committee;
Cons: Too centrist for Democrats?; The least gravitas of the Final Four; Would be spun as a great pick by the pundits, but otherwise won't cause a buzz among the average voter like the others.

Senator Joe Biden (Delaware)
Pros: The expert of the party on foreign policy and international; One of the biggest critics of an unpopular President; Compliments Obama's inexperience; Would perform very well in the VP debate; Has proven presidential aspirations.
Cons: Is vocal enough to turn off a lot of voters; Useless geographically; His selection could be perceived as Obama being too inexperienced, making Biden look like the chaperone of the ticket.

Former General Wesley Clark
Pros: Supreme Commander NATO Allied Forces from 1997-2000; Gravitas like Biden, but much more respected amongst Republicans; Highly decorated officer; Perfect attack dog on McCain for all things military; Assuages fears that Obama is too green.
Cons: No political experience; A beginning Democrat; Like Biden, his VP nomination might imply that Obama is inexperienced.

Governor Bill Richardson (New Mexico)
Pros: Wins over Latino's, crucial in New Mexico and Florida; Executive experience as governor; Helpful knowledge as former Secretary of Energy; Foreign policy experience as U.S. ambassador to the U.N; Congressional experience as former House member.
Cons: Had a stagnant presidential campaign; Lacks a presence in public forums; Unexpected support of Obama over former ally Clinton would look fishy if Richardson is appointed #2; Two minorities on the ticket is playing with fire.

Tomorrow I will reveal who I would pick and who I think it will be. Until then...


Anonymous said...

What happened to Sherrod Brown?!?!

Anonymous said...

Bayh? Two candidates from the same state? I'd be surprised.

Biden? Maybe, but if geographically not right, then probably not.

Clarke? Sure could be! Would certainly capture some Republican votes.

Richardson? Wouldn't that be nice. But will Obama chose the best candidate or the get-me-elected candidate? (He just might! That's why I like him.)

The get-me-elected candidate? A woman from Texas with a Congressional Medal of Honor dangling in her deep and vibrant cleavage.

Jonathan said...

My money is on Bayh. Barry can unite the party without bringing Hilary along.

The Dude said...

Barry needs a connection to global democratic success....Al Gore...

Anonymous said...

No way Al Gore wants the job, or else it'd be his.

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