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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who's Left?

I haven't been in the mood to write in quite a while, so let's ease back into this slowly, if at all.

Despite my evaporating desire to have my voice lost in a growing sea of echoes (I began writing in December 2006 when the Iowa Caucus was still 13 months away and relatively few websites were dedicated to the subject of presidential politics), I still have interest in the content about which I have written hundreds of thousands of words. I still do daily research and reading on the presidential campaign. Vice-presidential speculation has grown in recent days, and I suspect that one VP selection (Democrats) will be made by the 2nd week of August, and the GOP will subsequently counter with their own vice-presidential announcement several days after.

Through recent articles and quotes, and while weighing all the appropriate factors, I am confident that one of these four men will be the next Vice-President of the United States. The accompanying links are previous predictions of the chances for these VP hopefuls.

Mitt Romney (#1 prediction in February, #3 prediction in May)
Tim Pawlenty (#2 prediction in February, #1 prediction in May)

John Edwards (considered but dismissed in May)
Tim Kaine (considered but dismissed in May)

Dark horse for John McCain: Joe Lieberman
Dark horse for Obama: Sherrod Brown.


sptmck said...


I think Evan Bayh might be a VP choice for Obama simply because of what he telegentically brings to the ticket--a fresh, young [relatively speaking] face.

The Dude said...

uh...insert flippent John Edwards joke here...

ScottyMack said...

I agree with your predictions for McCain. Obviously, due to recent revelations about John Edwards, he is out as a consideration for Obama.

I don't think that the running mate chosen by Obama will lend much to his voting base.

I think McCain's selection, however, could make or break his campaign.

Political Republican

James said...

Edwards' career is over. He has no shot at public office ever again.

IC, you need to bring back the blog and keep us informed. Who replaces Edwards? Who's in the driver's seat in the election? Thoughts on the conventions? Come back!

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