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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vice-President Sherrod Brown

Yesterday, I completed my Barack Obama Veepstakes. Here's a list:

Part 1
10. Wesley Clark
9. Russ Feinfold
8. Joe Biden
7. Kathleen Sebelius
6. Michael Easley

Part 2
5. Bill Richardson
4. Brian Schweitzer

Part 3
3. Hillary Clinton
2. Jim Webb

Part 4
1. Sherrod Brown

Perhaps, for some of you, including the first commenter from yesterday's blog, the revelation of Brown was met with a, "Who?!" Allow me to explain my reasoning. It'd help if you read the entirety of yesterday's blog.

1. Sherrod Brown (Senator, Ohio)
With Governor Ted Strickland's recent emphatic reassertion that he had no interest in the vice-presidential nomination, one state-wide elected Democrat in the most important state in the general election remains.

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio would be Barack Obama's best pick for his vice-presidential nominee for the following reasons, in reasons of increasing importance.

1. Brown is an unquestioned progressive politically, socially, and fiscally. This fits in with the Obama message.
2. Brown, as an economic populist, could attract a lot of votes in an election where economy will play a huge role.
3. Brown's popularity with Ohio voters (only a 15% disapproval in Ohio), specifically the white, working middle class, can extend to other Clintonian states.
4. Brown was against the War in Iraq from the beginning. Obama and Brown could ride that message all the way home.
5. Detailed in the conclusion:

It's important for the Democrats to not get too close to the trees and lose sight of the forest. This is their election to lose. John McCain is embracing many issues of an unpopular President, inheriting the failed economic message in the process, and has been a proponent of one of the most unpopular issues in the country - the war in Iraq. Once the Democratic Party heals, Obama's numbers will climb as McCain's numbers will plateau. The Democrats are in the driver's seat.

There is simply no chance that, without a major blunder, any blue state from the 2004 election map will flip to the GOP side. No blue state has been convinced red is the way to go. Obama only needs to hold those states (a mortal lock) and pick up 18 electoral votes. Ohio is 20.

So Obama shouldn't mess with Webb and his potential to upset women. He shouldn't mess with Clinton and her ability to make Republicans go nuts. He shouldn't try the first Black/Latino ticket with Richardson. He shouldn't go with Schweitzer and Montana's three electoral votes.

Barack Obama should go with Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, take the state, and become the next President.

I'm off until next week.


GlennCheney said...

This particular blog makes me feel good. I feel something like...hope.

Vigilante said...

I come down on the side of General Wesley Clark, by a wide margin. But I'm interested in the opinion of others so I have established an Instant Recount Vote (IRV) poll, which is still open.

The Dude said...

Thanks for jumping on the Sherrod Bandwagon. He would be the first VP on the Reggie Cleveland All- Star team. Although his 1967 Eagle Scout status lends itself to some interesting personal questions...

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