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Monday, June 02, 2008

Hillary Clinton Conceding?

Will Hillary Clinton's speech following tomorrow's Montana and South Dakota primaries be a concession (slash suspension) speech?

There are signs, writes Thomas Edsall of the Huffington Post, that she is indeed winding down that campaign. Edsall cites the following:

-She has asked top donors and backers to attend her speech.

-She will be making the speech from New York.

-Clinton and Barack Obama spoke yesterday concerning "post primary activities," according to what Edsall dubs "a reliable source."

-Marc Ambinder from The Atlantic explains that the Clinton campaign is getting their financial affairs in order.

-Clinton staffers are being told that their roles on the campaign are ending Tuesday night. In addition, Bill Clinton may have dropped a hint earlier today, when he said that tomorrow's primary day is probably "the last time I'm ever involved in a campaign of this kind."

These hints come on the same day that rumors swirled about 17 U.S. Senators, who were previously undecided on their superdelegate vote, would come out together for Obama following tomorrow's primaries. Depending on his success in Montana and South Dakota, it might be enough to put him over the top of the majority, and probably within a handful.

This might be over soon. If she does concede on Tuesday/Wednesday, as I have predicted she would numerous times over the last month, be sure that she'll stress that she simply wanted all the states to vote before conceding.

However, it is Hillary Clinton. She might have one more curveball for us. A Clinton concession? We'll believe it when we see it.


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