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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clinton to Suspend Campaign

Hardly breaking news, Hillary Clinton has announced she will suspend her campaign for the Democratic nomination and support Barack Obama in the general election. The difference between suspension and concession? With suspension, you do not formally withdraw from the race. You keep all your delegates, and you can pick up where you left off at any time. No one ever does, mind you, but they could.

Scour the political websites and blogs if you want analysis on her decision. Click here if you want to see my post from yesterday, where I saw the Democratic Odyssey as a 16-month historical journey.

With the nomination sewn up for Obama, tomorrow will be a good time to continue the Barack Obama Veepstakes. I can then address the Clinton as VP situation. Here was part 1, where I counted down #10 to #6.


June said...

It's time all of us unite and fight!!!! If we do Hillary will take back what is rightfully hers!!! Hillary can expose the sexism that is rampant within the DNC and by doing so destroy and castrate that wholly male instrument. We must not let the fact that Obama received as many popular votes as Hillary dissuade us!!! We must not let the fact that Obama received more pledge delegates interfere!!!! We must not let the fact the Obama received more super delegates silence our screams. WE ARE WOMEN, HEAR US ROAR!!!!

Hillary can still win as long as she continues to run her campaign the way her women supporters run their lives; with an absence of logic and decisions based purely on emotion.


Obama should pick Hillary for VP. That way, if Hillary's prediction about assassination comes true, she would become president.

Hillary for president!!!

Stephen said...

Che, did you also attend Hillary’s farewell speech? All the star-bloggers were out, apparently.

From the NYT:
Clearly the most eye-raising presence was that of Matt Drudge, the Internet gossip and avatar of the influential “Drudge Report,” who drew heavy ire from the Clinton camp for what they viewed as his penchant for unflattering Clinton headlines, stories and photos.

Mr. Drudge stood against the wall, wearing a trademark fedora and dark glasses balanced on his forehead. He mixed mingling and people-watching, greeting several people who had no idea who he was until he uttered his name. “Hey, there’s Gloria Steinem,” he said as the feminist icon strode by.

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