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Friday, May 23, 2008

The General Election Looms

Work is too busy and I have no time to write, but a article today, written on a singular issue, exemplified how the entire general election will be framed. Who will you choose? Barack Obama vs. John McCain. John McCain vs. Barack Obama.

A) Will you choose the inexperienced first-term Senator with zero military experience, who has made his money from a fawning media and a passionate but youthfully naive, activist base and has drawn support from 90% of a racial demographic that makes 20% of the rest of the country nervous?

B) Or will you choose the aging, feeble Senator with no executive experience, who supports an unpopular war, and has steadily changed his economic policies to fall in line behind an unpopular and financially unsuccessful President?

Of course, you could also choose from either:

A) The fresh face on the political scene who inspires the future of America, who would make the world much more at ease when dealing with the United States, especially Europe and moderate-but-potentially-radical Muslims, and who could, along with an undoubtedly Democratic Congress, categorically reject, and often times reverse, the policies of the unpopular and unsuccessful President.


B) The military hero who has earned the right to talk about issues like veteran's benefits and foreign policy, who 35 years ago returned from an unpopular war and has since served his country in the House and Senate, knows how unpopular wars work, and can do what's best for the country regarding the unpopular war, even if it's unpopular.

It's completely up to you.

Enjoy the long weekend. I'll be taking a break next week as I try to manage my life. Send money, food, and extra red pens.

See you for Puerto Rico (June 1),


1 comment:

Kinggame said...

Well said. I think I'm in the latter camp, as I'm pretty excited for this election. I'm a McCain fan, but in the absolute worst possible situation (i.e. the other party wins) America gets it's first black president, which is also a good thing. I think we'll end up being okay either way.

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