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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Primaries

(Note: With the Republican nomination wrapped up, all analysis of remaining primaries will be dedicated to those of the Democrats. Don't worry. I'll get back to the Republicans for the general.)

First, a look at the updated standings:

Standings (does not factor in superdelegates):
Barack Obama - 861
Hillary Clinton - 855
Difference - Obama +6

Standings (factors in superdelegates):
Hillary Clinton - 1048 (193 superdelegates)
Barack Obama - 967 (106 superdelegates)
Difference - Clinton +81

A look at the numbers available today:

Louisiana Primary: 56 pledged delegates
Nebraska Caucus: 24 pledged delegates
Washington (State) Caucus: 78 pledged delegates
Total: 158

Obama will win the majority of delegates today, but after taking a look at the superdelegates, you have to ask yourself: Will it matter in the long run?

Full length post on that coming Monday.

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