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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Huge Obama Bounce in New Hampshire

This in from a Rasmussen poll:

Obama 37 (+9 vs. 12/18 poll)
Clinton 27 (-4)
Edwards 19 (+1)
Richardson 8 (no change)

Furthermore, as explained on this blog yesterday, the Independent vote will be huge in the New Hampshire Primary. Rasmussen predicts that Independents will be 40% of the voters, and in that category, Obama has a 16 point lead.

So be prepared for Obama 2, Clinton 0.


Saj said...

I'd like to reiterate my Obama v. McCain prediction.

The Dude said...

interesting. The Big O and the Supersized McCain also won that handshake between the 'Dems and the 'Cans during the debates on Saturday.

I thought McCain's extended hug with Obama had the Rockey III beach hug all over it...

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