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Thursday, December 20, 2007

VP Candidates: Part Two

Iowa Caucus Analysis, Thursday, December 20th
Part 1 yesterday. Part 2 today:

Mike Huckabee
3) Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker of the House, Georgia) - Gingrich intended to run for this election, but eventually realized that in order to fundraise and campaign legally, he would have had to step down from his chairman position atop of "American Solutions." If he can find his way around that by the spring, what better way to gradually re-introduce himself to the public than through the Vice-Presidency, making a 2012 or 2016 nomination much more likely?

2) Condoleezza Rice (Secretary of State) - Easily, Huckabee's biggest weakness as a presidential candidate is that he has no foreign policy experience. Enter the rising star of the Bush Administration - the former national security advisor, the current Secretary of State, the highest ranking African-American in this country's history, and a woman to combat the female vote in a potential election against Hillary Clinton. To top it off, she's been the most popular member of Bush's cabinet, which means she brings the Bush supporters and appeals to many Bush detractors.

1) Norm Coleman (Senator, Minnesota) - The Huckabee VP is difficult, as it's much more difficult to balance a ticket that does not want to be balanced. Huckabee will not exchange values for votes. Coleman is a steadfast social conservative, and he's a highly ranked minority member on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, which brings foreign policy experience to the ticket, not to mention a northern geographical balance.

John McCain
3) Jeb Bush - It would be almost poetic, wouldn't it? A McCain-Bush ticket. We could stay the course in Iraq for decades! But seriously folks, take a look at yesterday's post to see what Jeb Bush brings to a ticket.

2) Mitt Romney (Former Governor, Massachusetts) - McCain and Romney could use each other for several reasons. Southwest/Northeast, Senator/Governor, Experience on the national scene/Fresh on the national scene, terrifying glare/robotic stare. Romney is the only realistic contender for the Presidency who would accept the Vice-Presidency at this point. For one, it gives the public a chance to trust him more and see that his Mormonism won't impact his politics. Moreover, once Huckabee took his Iowa lead, Romney was staring at an early exit right in the face, which means the Vice-Presidency already doesn't look too bad.

1) Joe Lieberman (Senator, Connecticut) - Like you didn't see this coming. Lieberman's endorsement this week cements it. Outlined nearly a year ago on my old blog (horrifically written, may I add), this would be a tremendously different ticket than this country is used to, and it would almost certainly bring in a third party. If anything, this might even be a third party ticket if McCain doesn't get nominated!

Barack Obama
3) Mark Warner - See all the reasons stated under Clinton, yesterday.

2) Joe Biden - For all the reasons stated under Edwards. (Note: No Bill Richardson for Obama, as it's unlikely the Democrats will want to run an African-American with a Latino. Too many barriers to break in too important of an election.)

1) Wesley Clark - For all the reasons stated under Edwards. Both Biden and Clark shore up Obama's greatest perceived weakness - inexperience and foreign policy.

Mitt Romney
3) Jeff Sessions (Senator, Alabama) - How's this to balance Romney's perceived weaknesses? Sessions is one of the five most conservative U.S. Senators in the country, he's from the deep south, and is loud and proud of his disdain for illegal immigration.

2) Sam Brownback (Senator, Kansas) - Similar to Sessions, Brownback's conservative record cannot be questioned. He made a run at the White House but could never get national appeal or money. As a Vice-Presidential nominee, it's the perfect platform for Brownback to reach more people, and sets up another stab at the Oval Office in four to eight years.

1) Charlie Crist - See Crist under yesterday's Giuliani post. In short, I think is the most likely Vice-Presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

I'll be back tomorrow to wrap up the week that was in presidential politics.

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