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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tancredo Drops Out

Here is a quote from my blog on the 28th of November:

"Prediction: Tom Tancredo drops out in December, now that his pet issue - immigration - is front and center. He was never in it to win it."

Then, on December 11:

"He didn't get in the race to win, but rather to raise immigration as a prominent issue in the primary. With that objective achieved, despite it probably having nothing to do with his candidacy, it's unclear why he stays in, other than to see the issue through."

Today, as predicted, Tom Tancredo dropped out of the Republican primary. His mission was a success. Immigration is front and center in the Republican discourse, with most candidates trying to boast about how tough they would be on illegal immigrants. Tancredo used his announcement to publicly endorse Mitt Romney which is significant, though not because he picks up Tancredo's 1% of the vote across the country. Rather, it's a useful endorsement because it brings over a couple percent in Iowa, where Romney's is locked in a death battle with Mike Huckabee, and also because of the immigration issue. Any Republican voter that had immigration as their chief issue but was vacillating between the top tier Republican contenders may now be convinced that Romney is the way to go, especially after Tancredo called Huckabee's record on immigration abysmal.

It will be interesting to see how Iowa polls develop over Christmas week.

Check back tomorrow for a recap of the week.

1 comment:

The Dude said...

Tancredo wil be missed. He was like the little xenophobic windbag that could....

In other Nostrodamus-esque prediction making, can you tell me who to pick in the 3rd at Belmont this Saturday? Christmas time is great for playing the ponies....

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