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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Romney Gets Weyrich, Giuliani gets Robertson

Earlier today, on my weekly guest blog at 1% More Conscious, I discussed Paul Weyrich and his impact on the Republican primary. My conclusion, to keep it simple, was that it was the kind of endorsement that will inevitably propel Mitt Romney to the nomination.

Today, with the news of Rudy Giuliani earning Pat Robertson's endorsement, I should make it clear I do not back off my belief that Romney will garner the GOP's nomination just because Giuliani got a similar endorsement.

The difference is clear: A social conservative who morally couldn't vote for the pro-choice Giuliani will not do so simply because Robertson endorsed him. It's a moral issue to them. If anything, they'll start to question Robertson's conservative loyalty and agenda.


darren said...

I see these endorsements as huge boosts to Huckabee. Maybe the social conservatives will just say screw Romney because he's a Mormon, screw Rudy because he's Rudy, and vote for someone who is stands much closer, if not equal, on all of the issues important to them -- Huckabee. Why would he want to take a backseat and be the top veep contender now, when he can conceivably convince christian conservatives to vote for him regardless of endorsements.

sptmck said...

IC: It will be interesting to see if the Robertson pat on the back will be the final nail in the coffin of Nosferatu Giuliani. Bur remember: Vampires are immortal

Darren: I think Huckabee is the sleeper that may resurrect to a new life should the debris in the Republican field continue to be so toxic.

Connecticut Man1 said...

This is off topic IC, but...

I am not saying that you will like or agree with my last post on "College"... But ya might want to check it out for a laugh. :)

IC said...

Fantastic, thank you CT Man. The link is worthy of my loyal readers' time, as I think they'd both be proud of what they find.

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