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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Preface to Top 25 Greatest Americans

If you haven't checked out The Culture King's Top 25 Greatest Americans post, here's the link. I've decided to rebut, and I'll do him one better - I'll make remarks about each of my choices. Next week, I'll be throwing together five straight days of posts. That's right, five straight days, reminiscent of the nine-day stretch of previewing possible general elections.

The Culture King offered some caveats while making his list, so check them out over at his website if you care. I've kept them in mind when assembling my list. Ultimately, here's what HIS Top 25 ended up looking like:

25. Woody Guthrie
24. Shirley Chisholm
23. Lamar Hunt
22. Jane Addams
21. Muhammad Ali
20. Alexander Hamilton
19. W.E.B. Du Bois
18. William Randolph Hearst
17. John F. Kennedy
16. Caesar Chavez
15. John Adams
14. Bill Gates
13. Hugh Hefner
12. James Madison
11. Noam Chomsky
10. Jackie Robinson
9. Mark Twain
8. Thomas Jefferson
7. Abraham Lincoln
6. Fredrick Douglas
5. Jonas Salk
4. FDR
3. George Washington
2. Benjamin Franklin
1. Martin Luther King Jr.

While I admired The Culture King's effort, I cannot help but be seriously critical of some of the names on the list, not to mention several greater Americans either not on this list or ranked entirely too low (one name in particular is about fifteen spots too low). Of course, definitions of great differ from person to person, or in this case, blogger to blogger. My definition of great, at least when it comes to these sorts of rankings, is who played the most significant roles in the development of the country. Simply, who influenced America and the world the most?

So, Monday through Friday I will be counting down the Top 25 Greatest Americans in History. Tomorrow is dedicated to me actually making and refining the list. I will then reveal five a day off my list, beginning Monday with numbers 25-21. Friday will be the culminating post, with numbers 5-1 being revealed. And number one, folks, The Culture King and I do not agree on. I hope that doesn't make me racist.


The Culture King said...

You know I can back up any of my selections.
I could have spread it out to build up anticipation, but there are semi-pro basketball and professional baseball games to attend.
Also, just because a person was there at the beginning does Not make them great. You are just caught up in the Noble Lie.

IC said...

Being there at the beginning does not inheritantly make them great, I agree. Trust me - John Hancock, Sam Adams, Roger Sherman, and other Signers and contemporaries will not make The Top 25.

The great ones will be there, though. And you can't stop it.

sptmck said...

It would be great to see your rankings of the 25 greatest American writers/artists, 25 greatest American entertainers, and/or 25 greatests Americann politicians.

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