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Thursday, July 26, 2007

CNN/Youtube Debate

You can watch the whole thing here.

Hillary continues to impress, doesn't she? Very solid job by Edwards early and Obama late (though Obama promising to meet with dictators was the night's biggest gaffe). Biden is powerful in these debates, and Dodd looks like he knows exactly what he's doing in politics (NCLB isn't going to be repealed and he was the only one who seemed to know this), but for both of them, nobody seems to notice. Kucinich closed strongly with the left comment, and as usual is on the correct side of all issues but he just isn't taken seriously. Richardson's dynamite resume still doesn't translate into these debates and he can't seem to gain traction. And Gravel... well, Gravel's Gravel.

So basically... NOTHING CHANGED.


sptmck said...

Clinton and Dodd are, by far, the best in terms of rhetoric and presence. Biden, to me, seems shrill. Again, I think he's had one too many or imagines having one too many. I agree with you on Barry: bad move. He could've and should've tweaked his comments. Instead, he's placed them within the context of change. Only time will tell who comes out on top.

But it is interesing how the mainstream media treats all this. On the one hand, they are claimining he shouldn't have said that that way. On the other hand, they are pondering why Hillary is attacking this early in this manner. On Snitball last night, Hill's hitman, Wolfson, beat the snot out of Obama's Ritalin boy, Axelrod. It was pathetic.

The Culture King said...


Kucinich is the man of the people, and I think he won the debate.

Although, like the rest of America, I really only watched the end to see if Hill and John would decide to bash democracy again as they shook hands.

Also, in ten years when in fact Dodd finds out both of his girls are lesbians, I want him to hold a press conference like David Stern
to assure everyone he is cool with it.

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