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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rocky vs. Apollo??

(Editor's Note: Before getting into the latest from Hillary vs. Obama, let me just point out that the website has undergone a bit of development (gotta love February vacation). On the sidebar, you'll see I added a Presidential Line, with odds on nominees. These will be updated with the slightest shift in political winds that make it necessary for me to re-adjust the numbers. (For example, today Tom Tancredo dropped from 35-1 to 50-1 because I had a dream that he murdered 11 million illegal immigrants.) It is worth noting that these numbers have absolutely no scientific or mathematical basis, much like my life.

Also, the biggest change is that I will be posting more often. It has been suggested by numerous friends and colleagues, many of whom have no contact with each other, that I should blog more for a variety of reasons. This, of course, is difficult as on non-vacation weeks I am extremely busy. However, I have come to a compromise that would make the Constitutional Convention proud.

I will still post full-length columns on Tuesdays. However, throughout the week, I will post quick hits, usually with links and very short commentaries. I'm hoping to come up with a catchy name for these quick hits. Suggestions are welcome.

On to the first quick hit of Presidential Politics for America!)

Just two days ago, I warned that the Hillary and Obama camps are getting ready for a slugfest. Well, it didn't take long, but jabs are already being thrown. It seems to me that Senators Clinton and Obama are absolvent. The culprits here are just supporters who have this immense potential energy building up inside of them, waiting to throw down in anticipation of a heavyweight bout. It's almost as if they just can't take the presentiment anymore. They want to be the first to help their candidate by roughing up their main competitor. (And who's loving this? That's right - John Edwards. Get used to it, America.)

This is the beginning of a running theme for this 2008 election. Candidates from both parties will be pulled in two different directions.

On the one hand, they want the nomination and will have to appeal to their party, explaining why their fellow Democrats or fellow Republicans are not as adequate. This process will often include mudslinging, or at the very least mudunderhandtossing. On the other hand, the fundamental goal is still the November general election, and too much damage done to the victorious primary opponent might be irreparable to the party's chances to take the White House. Candidates will have to walk a fine line until the nominees are chosen.

Round 1? Ding ding.

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