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Monday, February 26, 2007

Nothing new today

I'll use this space to refer you to The Line: Presidential Odds on the left sidebar. Scroll down a bit if you haven't seen them yet. Also take the time to peruse the links under Committee Members, as they have been kind enough to link this blog from theirs.

Tomorrow will be a full length article about Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani, written by former New London Day subsidiary writer Stephen C. Kurczy. Be sure to check back for it.

Kirk out.


sptmck said...

There were some interesting columns in today's NYT on some of the contenders, namely Mrs. Clinton and Obama. Also, over at Huffingtonpost, there's a link to an article about Chuck.

IC said...

Yes, the Times was perused but there was no fresh meat for me. I'll check out the article on Hagel.

PresidentWebb said...

Nothing New? Did you watch the Oscars? was a 4 hour slurp fest for the adoration of Al Gore. The cloud of smug should be hitting the north pole any time now.

Spock Out

IC said...

Nothing unexpected came from the Oscars. I was hoping something would, as my quick hit was going to be on Gore today, but he brought nothing to the table.

He ain't running.

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